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In 1979 the company launched the unique concept of Time Control as a project management specialisation. Over a number of years of consulting in this field, expert knowledge and benchmark technology has been developed.
Today the South African Construction Industry largely follows the norms developed and published by the company in the field of time management. Pro-Crit remains an industry leader in this discipline.
This process is greatly enhanced by the advanced technology base employed by the company.


An expert understanding of time management, together with experience in traditional contracting management techniques has facilitated the application of Construction Management
Pro-Crit is an experienced Construction Management company
This allows appropriate project fragmentation to execute difficult renovation projects and to reduce the percentage spiral on high technology projects with large plant components


Management of the design process and information flow within the professional design team takes on critical importance in fast-track projects
Design teams are continuously challenged by the demands for faster documentation and control systems are imperative
Pro-Crit has developed special technology in this regard to ensure that the design phases of the project are tightly controlled and effectively managed


Risk Management is a mixture of formalised procedure and experience
Successful projects rely on careful proactive identification and nullification of potential failure points
Computer aided techniques combined with experience and project auditing reduces project risk


Project Administration
Financial Management and Control
Time Control
Quality Control
Time Control
Contractual Administration and Management


Integration of Quality / Time / Cost
Financial Management and Control
Maximum Return on Investment
Completion on Schedule
Minimisation of Risk