The Integrated Time/Cost/Resource Model achieves direct linkages between the contractual Scope Of Work, the contractual Program, the Resource Curves, the Cash flow, the Design Program so that changes to the Contractual base line either through instructions, scope of work changes, actual progress on site or strategy changes show up the key implications in an intregrated manner. This means that monthly certification should reconcile with projected data flow curves, professional free accounts should reconcile with claims and on-site turnover or resouce expenditure should reconcile with deman. The design program is altered with every change to the master program.


A number of independent processes should correspond each month.
The certified amount of money on each interim monthly certificate relative to the planned S-curve produced as a result of the latest progress check should show reasonable correlation.
If they do not the reason could be a time delay, a quantity variance on the project, an error in compiling the control curves i.e. an apportionment error, or changes in value and specification.